The Yield Curve Has Flipped – Don’t Let Your Investment Strategy Flip as Well


The Yield Curve Has Flipped, Don’t Let Your Investment Strategy Flip As Well August 2019 What is a yield curve, and why are stock investors interested in its shape? A yield curve gives a snapshot of how yields vary across bonds of similar credit quality, but different maturities, at a specific point in time. For [...]

Please Don’t Forget to Rebalance Your Portfolio


Please Don't Forget to Rebalance Your Portfolio The act of rebalancing your portfolio is likely the most important aspect of managing your wealth. At its core, rebalancing functions to minimize risk. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Rebalancing your portfolio is the act of selling assets that have increased in value and selling the assets [...]

Black Swan Theory & Investing


Black Swan Theory & Investing A Black Swan is commonly referred to as an event in history that was, at the time, unprecedented and unexpected. The term originates from the 16th Century knowledge that swans were white and black swans presumably did not exist. However, in 1697 the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered black [...]

Think Twice About Those Target-Date Funds


You've seen them in your 401(k) options. You might even be invested in one now but do you know what they are & how they work? A target-date fund is an investment fund that "targets" a certain year for retirement. For example, your retirement account may have a XYZ Target Retirement Fund 2035, 2040, 2045, [...]

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