Here at VCM, we have a variety of services to match your needs. We structure our fees in a way that we believe is fair, and most importantly, aligns our interest with that of our clients. We will always strive to provide the best quality of service, because we believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Individual Solutions for Individual Needs

Nothing we do is cookie cutter. Everything is tailored to your goals, needs, and desires. Our focus is not just on the growth of your wealth, but also on the growth of your financial mindset. We want you gain better understanding of money, investing, and your entire financial picture. As your level of understanding grows, you will achieve better results, and do so with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Quality & Transparency, All at Low Cost to You

We believe in complete transparency and providing high quality service at a low cost for our clients. Our services are designed to ensure the fees you are paying are fair and reasonable. As such, we offer a variety of different options to choose from. We will also be glad to customize our services to your needs and budget. That way, you know you’re not paying for more than you need.

Evidence Based Investing at a Low Cost

At VCM, our goal-based investment strategies are tailored to your personal situation with a focus on the the efficiency & value of the global markets. We offer low-cost solutions that emphasize tax efficiency. We believe that by implementing timeless investing principles, backed by decades of academic research, can increase your success and your overall investment experience.

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Think differently. Invest differently.

VCM’s Holistic Capital Management service is designed to assist you to achieve your financial goals faster and more efficiently by taking a proactive approach and using the power of synergy with all your financial resources.

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Looking Forward, Not Backward

When it comes to your health, it’s almost always better to be proactive instead of reactive. The same is true with your “Financial Health”. Our proactive tax planning strategies can help you to lower your tax bill now and in the future.

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A Plan with Purpose

What is it you want to accomplish in life? To retire comfortably? Start a business? Fund your children’s college? Get out of Debt? At VCM, we assist you in creating the perfect plan to accomplish your goals faster & more efficiently.

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Match Your Finances with Your Goals

As a business owner and entrepreneur, your goals and needs are different than everyone else. Your finances should reflect that. At VCM, we specialize in helping business owners align their personal and business finances with their goals.

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