Our standalone Financial Planning & Advising services are designed to meet the needs of the following clients:

  • Clients who wish to manage their own investments or;
  • Clients who wish to only utilize a limited amount of our Financial Planning & Advising services in conjunction with our Investment Management Service.

For those who are comfortable handling the majority of the annual tasks that are associated with efficiently managing their overall portfolio, coupling our Planning & Advising services with our low-cost Investment Management service can save thousands each year on overall fees, without neglecting essential tasks that are necessary to ensure your wealth is being managed properly. We are more than happy to work with you on a customized basis.

Our planning & advising fees are based on a rate of $150 per hour. For some simple, or fairly common plans, we may have a packaged price. However, we generally prefer to discuss with you exactly what your needs are and what services we will provide. That will allow us to price our services more accurately to ensure that you are not overpaying.

Most Common Services

Our services are not just about planning. While planning is important, it is the doing that matters the most. Some of our available services are designed to assist clients in the “doing” part of Wealth Management. It all comes down to the fact that there are a number of things that must be done in order to properly manage your finances. Examples include (but not limited to) establishing an Investment Policy Statement, re-balancing your portfolio, managing 401(k) accounts, tax planning, insurance planning & reviewing, goal planning & monitoring, tax-loss harvesting, capital gains planning, debt management, cash flow management, and asset location planning, employer benefit reviews, estate planning.

Failure to address any of the applicable “Must-Do’s” will likely result in lost wealth. Most likely this is through paying higher taxes than you should have or paying additional fees. In many of these cases (especially when it comes to taxes), you would be better off to delegate someone else to proactively manage the responsibilities rather than let them go unchecked.

We are more than happy to help you decide what tasks you should delegate and what tasks you can and should do your self. We help our client’s make that decision by evaluating their time & skills to perform the work themselves and their individual cost of time. Our promise to you is that we will always put your best interest first, even above our own.

Tax Planning
InvestmentsCash Flow / InsuranceOther
General Tax Planning401(k) ManagementCash Flow Allocations ReviewCharitable Planning
Capital Gains PlanningRisk ManagementDebt ManagementReal Estate Planning & Review
Tax-Loss HarvestingTotal Portfolio Re-balancingEmployer Benefits ReviewEducation Planning
Tax-DiversificationRetirement PlanningHome/Auto/Life Insurance Reviews
Tax Return ReviewRisk ManagementLong-Term Care Planning
Tax Withholding ReviewAsset LocationOther Insurance Strategies (if needed)

Goal & Purpose Planning

Much of what you want out of life can be accomplished and chances are it’s easier than you think, if you plan efficiently. That’s why we at VCM, are so passionate about our Goal & Purpose Planning. We want to assist you in accomplishing what you want out of life.

With our “No Stone Left Unturned” approach, we will create the best possible plan for you. One that is designed to get you to your goals faster and leave you better prepared for life’s uncertainties.


Below are the most popular Financial Plans:


The comprehensive financial plan is not just a cookie cutter plan. It is a process that combines many of our other plans and integrates them seamlessly to develop more synergy within your financial life. This results in greater efficiency and better results without the need for increasing the risk of your investments.

With our “No Stones Left Unturned” approach, we create a customized plan for you according to your needs, goals, & desires. Our plans our designed to create greater efficiency to accomplish your goals faster & ensure that you’re prepared for all the unexpected that life may throw at you.

This is by far the most popular plan at VCM. Our Cash Flow Strategy is a customized plan that allows for you to get out of debt faster & save more money. Best of all, unless otherwise necessary, the Cash Flow Strategy won’t make you cut back on your lifestyle or sacrifice your current enjoyment of life. Instead, we first focus on utilizing your cash flow more efficiently in order to achieve the necessary results & save you thousands of dollars every year!

How are you going to make sure that you’re prepared for your retirement goals? With the ever-increasing health care costs and the uncertainty of social security, we will help you to make sense of it all and create a plan that will bring you confidence and peace of mind.

Even if you choose to manage your investments yourself, a clear Investment Plan is a must have (also known as Investment Policy Statement). Your Investment Plan will describe your specific investment philosophy, investment strategy, policies, how your portfolio will be rebalanced, & how you will measure success.

A clear investment plan will help you to: make decisions easier, stay on track, and avoid costly mistakes.

Insurance is complicated. Whether you’re talking about health insurance, life insurance, or even liability insurance. Unfortunately the old adage is true “insurance is sold, not bought”. That’s why we believe it is important to have an independent, fiduciary review & plan for your insurance to make sure that the policies & coverage are appropriate for your financial plan.

No matter what your financial goals are for your children, VCM can help you get there as efficiently as possible.

Real estate can be an important part of your portfolio. Our Real Estate Plans will help you develop clear strategies for how real estate will fit as a piece to your overall puzzle.

A good debt elimination plan isn’t just about saving the most amount of money on interest. It’s also about making sure you have a good balance between building savings & attacking debt. How do you know how find that balance? We will help you develop the right plan for you.

There are three main components to our tax planning: Tax Efficient Investing, Tax Diversification, & Proactive Tax Strategies.

Since taxes are the biggest cost to your wealth, you need to develop proactive tax strategies for your portfolio. We can help you make sense of it all & develop a clear strategy for what you need to do next.


Everyone can agree on the value of an Emergency Plan. What about a Financial Emergency Plan? If there is an emergency, does your loved ones know what to do?

Our Survivorship Plan serves as a guide to you or your loved ones on to handle the finances should something catastrophic happen. This is especially important if one spouse handles most of the financial matters.


Divorce is already a very stressful situation. When financial stress is added to the mix, it can become unbearable. We can help to create a clear plan so that you can reduce your stress and get back to enjoying life.

Whether you have goals of buying your first home, a vacation home, or starting a business, we can assist you to quickly develop a plan to realize those goals faster.

Your legacy isn’t just about how much money you leave behind but also the impact you had on the world. Whatever you want you lasting legacy to be, we can help you to create a plan for the assets you have built for your loved ones and the charitable organizations that are important to you.