Vitality Capital Management, LLC (“VCM”) is a fully independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm that specializes in Investment Management, Tax Planning, and Financial Planning. Our commitment to you is that we will always put your best interest first, even above our own. Our mission is to assist each client to achieve their financial goals faster and more efficiently. We accomplish this by offering high-quality services at a low-cost.

At VCM, we believe you are unique. Your situation is unique. Your financial goals and needs are unique. As such, the advice, planning, and investment management should be custom designed for you. That’s why we never use a cookie-cutter approach for our clients. Our services are always designed to meet your individual goals and needs.

Our Investment Philosophy is centered on the foundations of financial science. By utilizing the advancements of leading financial and economic research, we believe that you can invest more efficiently, accomplish your goals faster, and have a better overall investment experience.

Our approach is based on an enduring belief in the power and efficiency of the markets. Research has shown there is no advantage in trying to guess the winners and losers in the markets, or trying to time the markets.

Decades of Nobel Prize winning research has shown us that rather than trying to out-guess the markets, we can achieve higher expected returns by focusing on dimensions of the market that have been proven to out-perform over time.

These foundations are what allow our clients to achieve a better investment experience and have more peace of mind as they work towards their financial goals.